Learn how to competently use a map and compass with Hillgoers. Working in association with the National Navigation Award Scheme, our mountain leaders will teach you to navigate safety through Scotland’s hills, mountains and glens without the use of unreliable electronic gadgets. 

Hillgoers' navigation courses typically consist of half a day out on the hills, where you can immediately put into practice what you learn from the leaders.

While not a requirement, it's possible to gain a navigation award - bronze, silver or gold - if you complete a day’s training and a day's assessment.

Most of our guides volunteer for Duke of Edinburgh (DoE), leading groups or assessing expeditions. In their experience, the DoE candidates are often better navigators than their parents, which is a little embarrassing! Why not put your skills to the test and try this as a family activity?

Check out our event calendar for information on pre-arranged navigation courses, or contact the team to book a bespoke session. It’s never a good idea to get lost in the wilderness!