To pass the Mountain Leader qualification you obviously need to have good mountain skills but you are also assessed on your environmental awareness. I already had a keen interest in the nature around me but ever since my training I can't get enough of finding new things, learning about them and sharing the knowledge on my walks. Look below the heather and there's a plentiful eco system thriving, from mosses, tiny lichens or the tasty berries. Peat bogs hold so much more than peat. 

Remembering the facts and figures is a challenge though....that's why it's good to link them with a story, like sphagnum moss use during WW1 or lichen use for dying socks!

One of my finds last August was near the top of my favourite hill. My client for the day was busy sketching the hills beyond and I wandered around looking for something of interest.

CHICKWEED WINTERGREEN  Trientalis europaea



If you have an interest in mountain flora or wildlife I'd be delighted to share my knowledge with you on my walks. 

The short video below displays some of the wild flowers I found on my travels last year, in various locations in the Cairngorms. 

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