Capturing the moments – wildlife of 2017

As a hillgoer, you soon become familiar with the usual wildlife suspects and where to stumble across them. The Ptarmigan sheltering amongst the rocks, the deer just round the next bend, the dippers following you down a stream and so on. I’ve had a few occasions where I’ll turn a corner to see a perched eagle spot me, take off and soar away before I can take my lens cap off, so frustrating and fantastic at the same time. Capturing the moment for me is mainly luck, not skill, just being in the right place at the right time. I never take a tripod and most of my photos are taken on my phone. Next year I’m planning to take the tripod and have my wee digital camera easily within reach, not tucked away in my bag!

The days of film development are gone for most but I’m definitely developing my camera skills, mainly thanks to a network of superb photographers out there, giving advice and humorous criticism. 2018 will be another year of development and I’ll be taking a larger lens with me too, the extra weight in my bag will hopefully be compensated by some quality wildlife snaps. I’ll just have to reduce weight elsewhere, a new light weight bag perhaps or leave my hipflask at home on those overnight trips….

The photos below are a sample of my wildlife pics from 2017. I’ll be taking more camera clubs out next year, learn from the experts!