It was 14degC when I went up my first hill this morning, Scolty Hill near Banchory. It wasn't long before Sarah and I had our coats off as we walked along the quiet path, away from the main route, walking on top of a blanket of Larch needles. From the top of Scolty Hill you can see all the way into the Cairngorms and the warm Foehn winds had melted most of the snow from the surrounding hills.

We could see the lenticular clouds forming over to the west.

I had to be in Inverurie for a meeting at 2pm so after that meeting was done I decided to head up Bennachie to take in the skies, knowing they would be special this evening. I wasn't disappointed, the views were spectacular with the sun setting, beautiful lenticular clouds, Bennachie casting a large shadow over Aberdeenshire and crepuscular rays shining back at me from the direction of Peterhead.  Truly beautiful sights all round.