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Winter Skills - 22nd February

Bill Dallas

We are delighted to have Bill run this course for Hillgoers. As a Winter Mountain Leader and volunteer for Braemar Mountain Rescue, Bill has years of snow experience to share.

This course will cover some of the fundamentals of winter hill walking in Scotland. You should have good summer hill walking experience before attending this course. You will also need boots capable of taking a crampon. Ice axes and crampons can be hired from Braemar Mountain Sports (£15/day). Why not stay in Braemar Cabins and receive discount on your hire.

The course starts indoors at the Glenshee Ski Centre café to go through weather, Scottish Avalanche Information Service (SAIS) forecasting, clothing (checking crampons fit), staying warm and general safety, before heading out.

On the journey out to the training area Bill will talk about the ground, clues to snow movement, identifying risk areas, snow laden slopes, terrain traps etc.

You will also discuss navigation techniques, how the conditions underfoot can affect speed, tips on low visibility and avoiding risk.

Depending on ground conditions you will start the training on the way to the training area, using boots as a tool, self-arrest without an axe etc. It might also be suitable to fit crampons and walk with an axe to the training area.

At the training area Bill will cover:

  • Walking using crampons up and down hill

  • Walking with an axe and stowing an axe when not in use

  • Step cutting and the suitability of each type

  • Ice axe arrests

  • Shelters, building the various types and the benefits of shovels

  • Benefit of transceivers and companion rescue

Finally, dependant on time you will go on a short journey bringing together all that you have learnt allowing each client to take a navigation leg.

Snow conditions and weather on the day will dictate how the training is managed. Contact us for more information

Approaching Lochnagar summit

Approaching Lochnagar summit