Welcome to our 2019 Christmas gift shop! Yes it’s that time of year again.

The items listed below are a selection of our own products and our recommendations from independent retailers. All are great gifts for your loved ones (or yourself, we won’t tell anyone!)

Vouchers can be used on any of our own products shown for sale here, our guided walks or navigation tuition.

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Cameras and Binoculars

Every outdoor enthusiast wants a new camera! Ffordes are one of the very few proper camera shops around these days and we would like to show our support to them! They are based by Beauly in the Highlands of Scotland and post worldwide. Their website is updated every hour for pre-owned equipment. They are open Monday to Friday and are family business operating since 1960. Below you will find Ffordes recommended selection for the hills. Starting off with a bit of a tough dude!


Outdoor people love outdoor books. Yeadons of Elgin and Banchory have a great selection of books, including access to old classic books. If you contact them they will be able to source the book for collection or postage. Here are few we would recommend.

living mountain.jpg

The Living Mountain - Nan Shepherd

Nan Shepherd is probably the most celebrated female author in Scotland and this book is the reason. If you wander through the Cairngorms, as we love to do, this book opens your senses to the landscape and nature surrounding you. It’s a masterpiece of poetic loveliness and everyone should own a copy. We can take you to the places described in detail in this book and share how we feel about them too :)

the munros.jpg

The Munros

This handy wee book gives detailed route descriptions for all of Scotland’s highest peaks, all 282 of them! It’s a great shelf book or one to keep in your glove compartment if you decide to quit the day job and take off up the hills! If you do that, just remember some of these hills are unforgiving! If you’re new to the Munros we can help you get started. See our guided walks.

Hostile habitats.jpg

Hostile Habitats

An excellent publication and one of our go to shelf books. Scotland's first guide to mountain fauna, flora and landscape, written exclusively for hill walkers and climbers. Compiled by some of the country's leading experts in their fields, this book takes an in-depth look at the upland environment of the hill walker and climber. There are chapters and identification sections on climate, geology, landscape, plants, animals, birds, insects, human influences and conservation. Published by the Scottish Mountaineering Trust with assistance from Scottish Natural Heritage. Lavishly illustrated throughout in full colour.